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Business Spotlight- Pupper Pops Treats

Looking for a healthy treat for your four-legged family member? Let me tell you about this local family business that is a force to be reckoned with! One of the Gulf Coast's best pet bakeries out there! This husband-wife duo is just the most amazing couple I have had the pleasure of working with, they are both just so full of life and their happiness is a bit contagious!

This pet bakery was launched in 2020 by Justina and Adam Onnebane, and since then has just blossomed into a must-hit destination for local dog and cat owners alike. Every time I see this couple in action, I am met with warm smiles and can always find a few cute puppies nearby. One of my favorite things, in particular, is how well thought out their healthy treats are. Also, their obvious love for the animals they bake for.

For the record, their treats smell so good when you first open the bag you may be tempted to try them yourself (I've resisted the urge myself but it wasn't an easy task!)

Pupper Pops is typically open and baking seven days a week. You can also check out and order from their social media pages, which are obviously super fun to follow, too, seeing as how they keep you up to date on weekly events and new recipes. You can follow them at PupperPopTreats on Instagram, and on Facebook under

Do you have a favorite local pet business that you would love to see highlighted in my next blog?

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