Giving Time Is The Best Time

How I make a difference

I love being able to give back to my community, and the best way I can do this is by volunteering my time and skills by partnering with local rescues, and animal shelters.  Many pets and animals often end up in shelters through no fault of their own, largely down to a lack of understanding or education, but also due to neglect and abuse.  I strongly believe in promoting ethical rescues, highlighting both the benefits of adoption and the importance of animal welfare.  With this in mind, you will never find me far from the cause that inspire me and helped me to become the person and photographer that I am today!


Adoption Portraits

I am a proud member of HeARTSpeak whose mission is to connect artists with shelters and rescues in need to help spotlight their animals with the motto SEEN=SAVED

A great portrait can help an animal find their perfect home 60% faster than a regular snapshot, and that's something to get everyone's tails wagging!  If my portraits of your animals in need can cause just one person to stop scrolling on their newsfeed and take notice to find out more about that specific animal or your rescue, or sharing their photo for others to see then it makes everything I am doing worthwhile.

I not only capture great portraits of all these amazing animals seeking their happily fur-ever after, but I also share them on all of my social media platforms to help them connect with their purfect forever family!

Is your shelter or rescue in need of adoption portraits?  Click the button below to submit your request for adoption portraits and I will get back to you as quickly as I can!

I just want to be adopted!.jpg

Silent Auction Donations

Who doesn't love a great silent auction event or gala?  It's a great way to learn about a local non-profit group, lend a helping paw, and connect with other local businesses that love to give back to their community!

If you are in need of a Silent Auction Donation for your event, click the button below to submit your request I will get back to you as quickly as I can!

While I can not guarantee a donation to every single request, I do try my very best to do so as often as I am able to!