Why Pet Photography?

It is the best way to forever remember your beloved companion in the setting they enjoy the most with high quality portraits and fine art prints!

What Should I Wear?

Wear a color that contrasts with your pet's coloring to ensure they don't blend into your clothing.

Solid colored tops are recommended instead of busy patterns that can take attention away from your pets.

Long sleeve or 3/4 sleeves are recommended to create a classic portraiture look.

Families should wear colors that are in the same color harmony

Avoid high contrasting tones such as one person in a black top and one person in a white top.

Do You Photograph Families With Their Pets?

Absolutely!  Please keep in mind that my main focus for the session will always be on your companion and their relationship with you.  If you're looking for a family photographer to simply include your companions in a family portrait session, I can make several recommendations for you.

Do I Have To Be In The Photographs?

It is completely up to you!  I can photograph your companion on their own or you can join in on the fun.  Whether on location or during a lifestyle shoot I  will focus on more candid moments, but I will make suggestions and prompt poses to help create those storytelling images.

My Dog Does Not Have Good Recall, Can We Still Shoot Outside?

Leashes can easily be retouched out of the frame.  I will show you how it should be held while I'm photographing.  Safety during a session is always my top priority, especially when we're around other animals and strangers.  I may even ask you to leash your dog if he/she has great recall.  Another option could be to photograph in your own back yard. 

Should I Groom My Cat Or Dog Before Our Session?

I would highly recommend grooming your companion before photos to help them look their very best.  Some clients prefer to groom their cat/dog themselves, while others seek a professional groomer for a perfect finishing touch!  ON the day of the photoshoot, I'd recommend bringing a brush to the session to help keep the hair smooth.  Leave on conditioners can add a wonderful sheen to your pet's coat.

Do You Have An Assistant?

Not unless needed or requested.  During most sessions, if the owner is not being included in the photographs, I'd recommend wearing comfortable clothing you can sweat and move in as I will put you to work and give you tips to help ensure the session runs as smoothly as possible.  If necessary though, if discussed previously I can make an assistant available to the session.