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The Girl Behind The Lens!

I'm your personal pet expert, where I believe every pet has a story worth capturing!

 In 2019 after my Corgi passed away I realized that I didn't have any quality portraits of him to help keep his memory alive.  Sure I had a few cellphone pictures here and there but not of high enough quality to display on my wall.  This got me thinking about my other two senior dogs and how much I don't want to let the same thing happen with them. 

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America and am currently working on earning my Master of Photography Degree!  I am also a member of HeARTsSpeak which is a non-profit organization focused on bringing rescues/shelters and photographers together to ensure more animals are Seen and Saved!  To see the ways that I give back to the community click the button below!




When we meet you may notice that I completely ignore your pet - no matter how much I want to cuddle them, it is essential that we let them choose when that time is.  This little trick is one of the many that I have to ensure that your pet is relaxed, and we can capture the most natural portraits of them for you!

The Name Tu Meke was inspired by the month-long trip that my husband and I took to New Zealand.  We had such a fantastic experience there and the trip made a lasting impact on us both.  I wanted to incorporate that into my business going forward and what better way than using a term that not only described our trip and their country but also what I wanted to provide to my clients with their experience with me.  Tu Meke ("Too-meh-keh") is a Maori phrase used as an exclamation of excitement meaning "awesome" or "amazing".

Thank you for visiting my website, and taking the time to get to know me better!  I look forward to working with you and your pet family members!

- Heather Fletcher

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It's more than just a photo

It's moments in time that capture your story, bond, and love

It's captured moments for you to remember for a lifetime!  I want to help you freeze a moment in time with your beloved pet for you to cherish forever!

I'm here to capture the raw, genuine moments you share with your pets throughout their lifetime. Because they deserve to be remembered.

Proud Member Of:

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Hello. I'm Heather!

Capturer of genuine pet moments & adventures

A service-disabled veteran turned pet photographer!  Outside of photography, I drink too much wine, play way too many video games, and probably should be editing photos!  



While serving as a Military Working Dog Handler, I completed my Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice and my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I left the military in October of 2017 and decided to focus on photography and everything I could do!  

When I am not shooting portrait sessions I am usually chasing my toddler around the house and just enjoying being a mother to the most amazing son possible, enjoying time with my senior dog which is my retired partner of 3 years our three cats, and three ferrets, spending quality time playing video or card games with my husband, reading books, or just enjoying a nice glass of wine.  I also work with a local rescue donating my time and skill by taking adoption portraits of available animals in their care and helping with their marketing and promotions.


Am I the right photographer for you? Here's how ya know:

  • You're looking to capture the genuine, raw moments - not consistently staged

  • You love taking adventures with your pets

  • You're okay with us loving on your pets & making them smile

  • You're okay with gaining a new family member to love your pets as much as you do

  • You love knowing that your pets are in good hands with their safety being the top priority

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